Introducing Amelia Bachofen

Dance Educator

Beginning tap and ballet at the age of 3, Amelia Bachofen trained at Joy's School of Dance for 15 years before attending Texas Christian University. There she performed tap, ballet, jazz, contemporary, and modern pieces at local festivals, including the 254 Dance Festival. Additionally, Amelia attended summer programs focused on modern dance, ballet, and commercial dance at Webster University, Cornish College of the Arts, and the PULSE. Amelia is currently a sophomore at Texas Christian University working towards a BFA in Modern Dance and minor in English. She has performed works choreographed by General McArthur Hambrick, Dr. Nina Martin, and Charlotte Boye-Christensen. Her plan is to graduate in 2020 to pursue a career as a professional dancer and will graduate with a certificate in Pilates teaching. Eventually, she intends to obtain her master's degree in Dance or Literature and to pursue a career in dance critique/journalism. This summer Amelia will attend the 2018 Institute for Dance Journalism and Advocacy at the National College Dance Festival in Washington, D.C.