"Incredibly talented professionals. Good with people of all ages! Do NOT miss out. Insanely jealous that this studio isn't in my city."

-Danielle Rugoff



"Lucky you, Fort Worth, the star has landed!" 

-Colby Hanks

Colby Ranae - Dance Yoga Fitness


"Grateful for this lovely spirit and all she brings to life, friendship, and dance. Thank you Meg, for offering your passion and overall light to Ballet San Angelo. It was "MAGIC".

-Erin Lane 

Assistant Artistic Director at Ballet San Angelo 


"Funkytown is so lucky to have Studio of MoveMINT! Much love to you Meg!"

-Codi Hansen

Office Manager at XD2 Dance Studio


"Meg is the kindest soul and such a wonderful role model. Can't wait to bring my baby girl to dance with her and Stella!"

-Chelsye Palomo



"Meg's love & passion for creativity through art and dance makes her the perfect instructor for any age group!"

-Lynne Minter



"Gracie can not stop talking about your class!  Thank you so much for inspiring her.  You are just amazing!" 

"Awesome teacher, mentor, and great inspiration. Love Meg!"

-Tina Nolasco

Dance Mom :)


Meg is incredible! My daughter just started attending and she's having a blast. She's only 2, but I can see her doing this for many years to come. Would highly recommend this studio for all ages!

-Carly Weyand

CYCLEBAR FW Owner and Customer


All 3 of my girls are dancing here this year and are loving it! It is amazing to see the progress they are making from week to week! Thanks Meg!

-Jennifer Sorensen Aguilar



Meg is amazing. The studio is beautiful!! I'm so excited to see where my little dancer can go from here!

-Alicia Dunegan



If you truly care about your child's dance experience then Studio of MoveMINT is where you should be. It is evident that Meg and Carrie care about each and every child. I feel my granddaughter is blessed to be a part of something great!

-Patti Lowrance Duezabou 

Dance Grandma!


Meg was my dance instructor while I was a Junior 6 years ago. She is so creative, inspiring, patient and just an amazing teacher. I would take my daughter to her in a heartbeat if I didn't love so dang far!!

-Katy Hudson

Prior Student


Meg is super talented and awesome with the kids. Jane LOVES her and her Jazz class!

-Naomi Noel Gelineau



Meg is incredibly skilled but also patient with the 2 year-olds. I would highly recommend this professional dance studio for your kiddos!

-Rachel Wenthe



Meg is a sweetheart and goes above and beyond to make the girls feel special and welcome. So glad we found this studio!

-Jenn Dalton



Studio owner Meg Minter has brought a gem to our dance community with her passion for the ART that is dance! My daughter is loving being pushed to express herself and grow as a dancer in many ways!

-Jennifer Sheffield



Amazing talent at this studio! They truly know what they are doing and want to pass that on to their students.

-Jaclyn Rushing



My 21 month old comes to Meg's class in Wednesday morning's for creative movement and it is AMAZING! I have seen so much physical growth as well as social growth in this little guy since starting at Studio of MoveMINT.

Meg is truly one of the most patient teacher I have ever seen. No matter how the class does each week, her composure and temperament are always consistent. As a toddler mom, she's my hero! I would recommend this Studio to anyone looking for a boutique experience and a family atmosphere.

-Makayla Ervin



We love going every week, great and wonderful! Meg is patient and is teaching the students how to listen and dance at the same time!

-Lesley Clayton



Meg is amazing!! This dance studio and all its instructors are such a brilliant addition to Fort Worth. They are kind, creative and honest. Plus the studio is so beautiful! Thank you Meg and your staff for the great teaching and talent you share.

-Kajal Vithalani 



I don’t often get to go to dance with Fin because of my work schedule, but I had the pleasure of attending tonight. It also allowed me the opportunity to witness first hand the empathy and respect Mrs Meg has for her little ones. In that moment, it made me incredibly happy and gave me a sense of security knowing that my sweet baby...who often has big feelings and is still trying to find her voice...would be safe in the compassionate hands of Mrs Meg.

-Amy Govea



Meg, congrats on such accomplishments. You represent the very best of what our dance graduates can achieve. You’ve no idea how proud it makes the faculty. I always love hearing from our alumni, especially spitfires like YOU. 

-Holly Williams

Fine Arts Senior Associate Dean for The University of Texas