Meg MINTer


“I am over the moon elated to share my love and passion for dance with my students. MoveMINT is for everyone. Dance is a universal language and I believe it unites people.” 

 –Meg MINTer, Owner & Artistic Director   

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Carrie Wilkey


"I dance to be free. Free of judgment and expectations. To explore without limitations or fears!" 

-Carrie Wilkey, Dance Educator

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Catherine Roe


"I love adult fitness because adults bring such a high level of motivation into the studio! As an adult, you have to actively choose to step away from work, the kids, or that recent Netflix binge. I have so much respect for adults who make fitness a priority."

-Catherine Roe, The Ballet Burn Certified Instructor

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Amelia Bachofen


"Dancing can transform the simple into extraordinary. My aim as a performer, teacher, and student is to promote openness, unity, and self-assurance through dance. I am thrilled to join the Studio of MoveMINT community!"

-Amelia Bachofen, Dance Educator

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Nicole Browne


“I have had a passion for dance for as long as I remember. It shaped my childhood and life in such a positive way, and I hope to give this same experience to my own students!”

-Nicole Browne, Dance Educator

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Lynn Winter


“My heart is so full because I get to share a sport that played such an important role in my life with others. Twirling has taught me more than how to spin, catch, and release. It has provided me the tools to be an independent, confidant woman who is never afraid to step out onto the stage wearing rhinestones.” 

-Lynn Winter, Dance Educator

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Hailey Bunde


"I love to dance because it's such an unparalleled emotional release. Dancers form such vulnerable and unique relationships with each other. The dance studio is a place for growth, honesty, and joy." 

-Hailey Bunde, Studio Manager & Assistant Company Director

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Lauren Losack


“Growing up, the dance studio was my second home. It created my love for dance, a sense of community and taught me about drive and determination. I want to grow and foster that feeling in all the kiddos I teach because these moments are so impactful.” 

-Lauren Losack, Dance Educator

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Marita Henley


"I love sharing my love for dance through teaching because I want to foster passion, happiness and positive self expression within my dancers."

-Marita Henley, Dance Educator

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Lauren Akard


“I love sharing my love of dance with kids because I get to see them express themselves and help build their confidence.”

-Lauren Akard, Class Assistant

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Reilly Faith


"Everybody deserves to know the joy that is dance and experience the delight of taking the stage. I hope my students will find they share in this love, and can allow dance to carry them through their lives!"

-Reilly Faith, Dance Educator

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Riley Malloy


“Dance is so special because it allows children to explore the world around them in a new way and discover what their amazing bodies are capable of. My favorite part about teaching kids is seeing their smiling faces when they reach a new mile stone! I am so excited to watch my students accomplish their goals throughout the year and develop their own love for dance!”  

-Riley Malloy, Dance Educator

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Leah Williams



“I believe in creating a safe, fun atmosphere to ignite students’ curiosity and dedication to learning dance.”

-Leah Williams, Dance Educator

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Gabby Halo


“ I dance to express what words cannot. I teach to move and be moved by others. As a teacher, I hope to foster a safe, healthy, creative, open, and free moveMINT space.” 

-Gabby Halo, Dance Educator

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Rebecca Carroll


“I believe that teaching and encouraging a child to dance, sing or simply express themselves artistically is just as important as teaching them to read or write. I know how important art has been in my life, and I want to do everything in my power to help little ones discover their own love!” 

-Rebecca Carroll, Birthday Bash Coordinator

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